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Anger is the burnt orange embers of a burning paper, crinkling into crumbling ashes. 
Sadness is the soft paleness of a grey dove feather floating upon a puddle of water, smooth but alone
Despair is the too inky midnight, vivid violets subjugated by light devouring swirls of ink, bleeding every which way they drip. 
Happiness is clear blue of a sunny day, with wispy clouds and teasing breezes, sprinkled with light laughter
Calm is the foamy teal of the sea beside the shore, rippling back and forth, drawn by the inconsistent moon and its pull 
Elation is a spunky yellow, a miniture sun bouncing off the walls Love is a sea of red, cool red and orange red, blood red and cherry red, passionate but soft but sharp but sweet yet bitter
 Desperation is the racing dark gray, stumbling in exhaustion yet running despite the chilled burn in its lungs
 Depression is the icy blue violet, all cold and chill, misty and heavy, a shroud of ice settling, all sharp teeth seek
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Dying Will
I’m tired, I’m worn down
I’ve tried too hard and now I’m dying
Inch by inch, scrape by scrape
I’m now being whittled down to the marrow
But despite that
Despite my gaping, empty, aching heart
I must stand tall and fight
Stride forth and be strong
An impossible task, one too heavy
But still I must do it or perish
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Sometimes when it’s 3 in the morning
And everyone else is asleep
I curl up in bed crying
Heart screaming and lurching 
Because it feels so cold and empty and meaningless 
And I can do nothing
Because life is useless
And each day
And each night
I lose a little more will to live
How many much time is there left?
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If asked why he cannot let go
If his love for her is water
His goddess
He loves her unceasingly
She is his anchor
His home
She soothes his injuries
He nestles around her
Then his love for him is fire
His god
He loves him ferociously
He is his passion
His ecstasy  
He rips through him
He clings to him
Both so different
Yet neither he can let go
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Betrayal pt 2
The dead remains of fire
It reminds you that you have become a traitor
It reminds you of your infidelity
It reminds you of your lost innocence 
So why does it taste so bittersweet?
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Betrayal pt 1
When you betray your values
What do you taste in your mouth?
Sometimes I taste salt
Sometimes I taste blood
But most time I taste ash
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You always bring me down
Down down to the gallows
Down to where the field of Asphodel rustles with its empty souls
What would I give to be half as empty
No sorrow, no anger, no hatred
No joy or happiness either
But who needs those?
I’d rather be an empty husk
Than to feel the chills of sorrow
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Rise high, fall low
To fly is to be brought low
Icarus was only the most famous to fall
How many more are there unknown?
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Do you think I cannot see?
I am sorry
For being so pathetic
For being a disgusting failure
For never being good enough in your eyes
You may not say it
But I am not blind
I am not deaf
I can see it in your expression
I can hear it in your tone
You think I am nothing
A piece of trash
Good for nothing
You may as be screaming it
That you think I am stupid
And I can do nothing to sit there and take it smiling
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I look at you
My darling
And I feel a rush of love
Not fierce or possessive like Gilgamesh, the golden king of Uruk
Who had everything he wanted in his garden, that were doomed to stay forever
But soft and sad like Hades
The king of the dead, who must bid Persephone goodbye 6 months per year
For while I love you, and do not intend to let you go 
We are not immortal; we will not last forever
One day, I must say farewell to you, only it will be much longer than 6 months per year
And we will never meet again, for fate is never kind
So as I look upon your face each and every day, and peer into your eyes
I feel love and regret at the same time
For you are my darling, the light of my life
But one day
I will have to let you go
And only have a cold space next to my bed
To remind me of you
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You damn woman
You hound me
You tear at me
Do you even love me at all?
You call me a liar
You yell and curse at me
Ye you dare to be offended when I do the same?
I have nowhere to run
To hide or scream 
There is nowhere I can call my own
My own room you blaze into
No warning or sign
My objects you disturb as you please
You mock my tastes
My body, my mind
Are you raising me or are you seeking to break me?
My sister you have trained well
To be your pet
She may dislike you as well
But she also tears at me
My step-father was yours at the start
He frightens me with his build and looks
So similar to the father I left
I dream of the day I leave this house
And beg may it be so that I never return
While I damn your name
Cursing it straight to hell
May you rot in the fires of your own making
While I laugh from aside
:iconcero00:cero00 1 0
What it means to lose an anchor
When I saw your body that day
I could not believe
That you would do such a thing
But as I stared at your body
I felt a keening burst of pain 
I started to cry
Feeling a part of my heart disappear
I loved you
I worshiped you
I hung onto your every word
To me
You were my savior
You were my angel
You were my god
I see your body
And yet
I cannot comprehend
The image 
In front of me
It meant 
That you were gone
Lost forever
Never again
Would I see
Your smile
Would I hear
Your laugh
Would I smell
Your scent
Would I touch
Would I feel
Your love
No more laughter
No more tears
No more moments
Just between me and you
No more moments
With just us two
So as I stared at your body
I opened the window
And stepped out
Because what was life
Without you?
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So just to say I'm not dead I guess. :iconyayprussiaplz:

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